Call for Partners

The Center is putting out a call for a range of partners to join the Centre. Partners will include advisory board members, researchers, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students. Interested parties may contact one of the Centre Directors listed at the bottom of the page of this flyer.

Call for International Advisory Board Members

Members of the International Advisory Board (IAB) will have extensive experience working within international teams or centres, have work experience in technology-mediated education and possess some expertise in managing and/or conducting research using big data. Expectations of IAB members are to commit to participating in one or two meetings annually (virtually or in person, where feasible), judging the merits of proposals for funding, and providing periodic support through email correspondence. Writing and/or research commitments are other options as IAB member.

Call for Research Partners to Submit Proposals for International Research Projects

The Centre will operate to conduct empirically-based research retrieved from large data sets pertaining to the application, implementation and learning of techonology-mediated education (e.g. MOOCs, mobile learning, ODeL). Research partners will have experience designing or researching technology-mediated education, including some experience with quantitative research. Research partners may submit grant proposals to conduct research relevant to the purpose and aim of the Centre. Grants will be awarded by a panel appointed by the Centre and valued between USD $10,000 - $20,000. Joint submissions are also encouraged.

Call for Post-doctoral Fellowship or Graduate Student Internship

The Centre will accept submissions for post-doctoral fellowships and graduate student internships (master or doctoral) for up to one year. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to reside in Beijing and conduct research on projects relevant to the purpose and aim of the Centre. Funding for travel and local expenses will be provided. More details on application and deadlines will be posted soon.